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Do you want to have real-time price information of physically traded dairy commodities in Europe? Increase your market intelligence with accurate dairy prices and market updates, and sign up for the free trial month at DAO.EU

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Gain real-time market information from physically traded products

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You can select upfront the counterparties you wish to trade with

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Submit your offer and/or bid with a few clicks

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Access more than sixty potential buyers and/or sellers in Europe

dairy prices

DAO.EU is a real-time digital brokerage marketplace enabling direct and efficient trading of European dairy commodities. The current 83 members use the marketplace as a convenient, cost-effective and anonymous tool to swiftly source or sell dairy commodities. Interesting for all companies that are active in the dairy industry and looking to make fully informed trade decisions. All members receive real-time firm bids, offers and executed market trades, communicated on screen, app and email notification.

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