DAO.EU is a 24/7 online multi-buyer and multi-seller brokerage marketplace for dairy commodities. Each member can submit bids anonymously, offers and conduct market trades.

It saves time, gains market information and broadens your network.

Any business that is involved in the dairy industry such as, dairy processors, dairy traders and dairies for physical buying, selling and/or hedging purposes.

The MPC Conditions apply for all concluded trades via the DAO.EU Marketplace. Product specifications are attached to the available products. When a product deviates from the product specification it needs to be clearly described in the comment box.

A member account with ‘view only rights’ is available for everyone.

The preconditions for admission are a credit limit of min. €50.000 carried out by a triple A credit insurance company.

A Full truck load (approx. 22-24 Mt) depending on the product, country of origin and the destination market.

Yes, each member has the possibility to choose upfront the counterparties they prefer to trade with. All the bids, offers and market trade notifications are always anonymously available for all members on the DAO.EU marketplace. A pop-up ‘You can’t trade with this counterparty’ will be shown in the trading screen when you hit the buy/sell button and the bid/offer came from a counterparty that you have blocked or the other way around.

Yes, you are always able to edit or cancel you bid/offer when the product is not yet traded.

Yes, an agreement e-mail is instantly sent to both Buyer and Seller for every matched bid and offer. The Buyer and Seller can then send each other their own contracts based on the Agreement e-mail. MPC Conditions are applicable on all trades completed on the marketplace.

Payment of the agreed price invoiced by the seller shall be effected within 14 days of delivery (Art. 8.1 of the MPC conditions). You can deviate from these terms by using the comment box (e.g. basis pre-payment / basis 30 days payment terms etc.)

Yes, in article 8.2 of the MPC conditions it’s clearly stated that the seller shall be entitled to require the buyer to provide adequate security for payment (e.g. prepayment/ bank guarantee etc.) before effecting the delivery. If said security for payment is not provided or – to be decided by the seller – not satisfactory, the seller shall be entitled to defer fulfilment of (the rest of) his obligations under the contract by written notice. The seller shall then in no event be liable for any loss that the buyer may sustain as a result of said deferral.

No, DAO.EU is not part of the contract and is only facilitating the online brokerage marketplace. Any disputes that occurred during trading via DAO.EU can be settled in accordance with the MPC Mediation and Arbitration Regulations.

A new Participant is able to access the marketplace the first 4 weeks completely free of charge, if not cancelled before the end of the free trial period, the company will be charged the annual membership fee.

DAO.EU charges for every trade a fixed brokerage fee per Metric Tonne (MT). The brokerage fee invoice refers to the trades conducted in the previous month. This invoice only contains a reference and a total amount.

The membership period is tacitly extended for a new contract period of 12 months. Membership can be terminated up to 45 days before the end of the contract. The Participant must terminate his/her membership by e-mail (hello@dao.eu).

Please sign up and our team will contact you within 24 hours to create an account!