Since Nui acquired DAO last April, we have shared a lot of positive feedback from the current DAO customers. Many tell us how the platform has revolutionised how they trade dairy products. One of these satisfied customers is Flanders Food Productions.

Flanders Food Productions (FFP) was established in 2003 by Axel van der Poel. Like many start-up success stories, Axel started FFP out of his garage, where he manually grated cheese and sold them to local restaurants and hotels—from its humble beginnings, it developed into a successful business. In 2015, it opened a cheese processing facility capable of processing up to 40,000 tonnes of cheese annually.

In the short video below, Sophie van der Liende, Director of Sales for FFP, explains how FFP can buy more competitively and efficiently by using the DAO platform. They consider the marketplace a great tool to bring the supply and demand together and enjoy the improved trade efficiency and enriched market information that DAO brings. In addition, using DAO’s purchase tenders has allowed FFP to lock in prices for extended periods.

DAO provides a reference point for price negotiation, giving an overview of both bids and offers for a specific product at any time. There are more than 100 participants on DAO. There are traders and end-users like FFP and dairy producers, and the DAO network is growing! If you enjoy better price discovery, improved trade efficiency and enriched market information, reach us at