How it works

Trading in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Counterparty Selection

You can select upfront the counterparties you wish to trade with. The default setting in the counterparty selection modus for all the existing and new members is set as Yes (=‘I accept to trade with the counterparty’).

Important note: All the bids, offers and market trade notifications are anonymous and available for all members on the DAO.EU marketplace

Step 2: Creating and selecting Presets

We strongly advise you to use presets, to prevent manual errors and save time. For instance, if you are only authorized to purchase on the marketplace, simply select the preset that you have created. A preset on the bid side is not saved on the offer side.

Important note: The 'Custom date range' (ETD) box can't be saved in the preset.

Step 3: Complete a trade from the marketplace

When you hit the ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ button a trade confirmation agreement e-mail is instantly sent to both Buyer and Seller. The Buyer and Seller can then send each other their own contracts based on the Agreement e-mail. Every matched Bid and Offer is irrevocable. 

MPC Conditions are applicable on all trades completed on the Marketplace.