Nui Markets appoints René van 't Riet to run DAO Europe

When Nui Markets acquired 100% ownership of DAO Europe in April this year, it was a statement of intent from the technology innovator that they meant business.

Appointing industry leader René van ‘t Riet only reinforces the view that Nui are serious about revolutionizing the way that dairy markets trade around the world.

René has an impressive history in software technology, the risk and regulatory environment and also trading – particularly dairy, which makes him ideally suited to become Nui’s latest hire as Commercial Director for DAO Europe.

“We’re delighted to have René join us as an outstanding addition to our team. We have ambitious plans to change the game of dairy trading, and Rene’s experience in technology and dairy trading is the perfect combination for helping us achieve that.”

Kevin O’Sullivan, CEO of Nui Markets

René reflects that now that DAO is wholly owned by Nui Markets, it’s a tremendous opportunity to position DAO as the future of dairy trading in Europe. As a truly independent platform, DAO is now well positioned to achieve its growth ambitions. “I’m very excited to be taking this role with Nui. It excites me to build and grow the business, to focus on listening to our customers, and make it easier for our customers to trade and get better price discovery.”

René has a lot of experience in the market already with DAO’s existing customer base, but acknowledges that in his first 100 days his main goal is to engage with DAO’s customers to listen and learn from them.

“I truly believe that our digital trading platform is the future. It’s very efficient and helps achieve better prices, makes settlement quicker and connects easily to back-office systems. Once customers experience this for themselves, they can see the benefits.”

René van ‘t Riet

At the end of the day it’s still a people business, not just machine’s trading. So whilst the administrative stuff gets easier, it actually frees people up and enhances the people relationships.