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Pasteurized Milk prices

DAO.EU is a real-time digital brokerage marketplace enabling direct and efficient trading of European dairy commodities. The current 83 members use the marketplace as a convenient, cost-effective and anonymous tool to swiftly source or sell dairy commodities. Interesting for all companies that are active in the Pasteurized Milk industry and looking to make fully informed trade decisions. All members receive real-time firm bids, offers and executed market trades, communicated on screen, app and email notification.

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Skimmed Milk Concentrate – Low Heat

European Pasteurized Milk market

Generic product specifications are attached to the available products. Each member has the possibility to choose upfront the counterparties they prefer to trade with. All the bids, offers and market trade notifications are always anonymous for all members on the DAO.EU marketplace. MPC Conditions apply for all concluded trades via the DAO.EU Marketplace. The MPC-Conditions, including the MPC Mediation- and the MPC Arbitration regulations, are a unique set of general rules applicable to trade in Pasteurized Milk commodities inside and outside the European Union. The conditions are established by Gemzu, the Dutch Dairy Trade Association, located in The Hague, the Netherlands. DAO.EU marketplace has traded 77% of its entire 2019 volumes in the first 3 months of 2020! European dairy companies are looking for new and real-time ways of interacting with clients and conducting business. Although large parts of the physical world have shut down, this has actually led to a surge in business in the online arena.
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Trading at DAO.EU

The DAO.EU marketplace was established in July 2017 and is powered by the software company ‘Nuimarkets’, that is also powering the webshops of Arla, Hoogwegt, Valio, Glanbia and Danish Crown.

A selection of great companies using DAO.EU

“An important element of Müller Milk & Ingredients business is that every product we make should be sold for a sustainable profit. Sales tools and platforms like DAO.EU enable this by providing a reliable digital marketplace on which to reach new customers in new geographic markets in an efficient and cost effective way, so that we can continue to focus on delivering industry leading levels of quality and service.”
Sean Whitfield
Commercial Director – Ingredients, Müller Milk & Ingredients

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Annual Membership fee is €2700 per company* (5 user accounts). First month of access is free of charge. Brokerage fee is €5/Mt for Butter/AMF/Cream100%/Cheese and €2/Mt for all other products for both sides of a trade.

*The first €2700 of brokerages fees are free of charge to stimulate trading (cashback).

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