Recent trades

198Mt Edam Cheese 40% | Price €2810 | ETD Q4 | FCA NL/DE

150Mt Feed - Sweet Whey Powder| Price €700 | ETD Q4 | DAP NL

132Mt Mozzarella 40% | Price €2760 | ETD Q4 | FCA NL/BE/DE

198Mt Gouda Cheese 48% | Price €2810 | ETD Q4 | FCA NL/DE

150Mt Feed - Skimmed Milk Powder | Price €1900 | ETD Q4 | DAP NL

Lactic Butter - Fresh or Frozen | Price €3280 | ETD August | FCA NL/BE/DE

144Mt Skimmed Milk Powder | Price €2110 | ETD July-Dec | FCA DE


€ 2700

/ per year

  • The first €2700 of brokerages fees are free of charge to stimulate trading (cashback).
  • Annual Membership fee is €2700 per company (5 user accounts). First month of access is free of charge.
  • Access to real-time market information
  • Anonymously placing bids/offers to more than 60 EU dairy members
  • Counterparty selection
  • Live anonymous chat
  • Currency selection
  • Push notifications
  • Platform is mobile ready, enabling trading anywhere, anytime
  • 24/7 customer support
  • API can be seamlessly integrated with existing ERP solutions, cutting out the need for unnecessary paperwork
  • DAO.EU solutions are blockchain ready, as consumer demand for product origin data becomes an essential element of trading
  • DAO.EU solutions are hosted by Amazon Web Services, ensuring your data and information is as secure as possbile

Brokerage fee is €5/Mt for Butter/AMF/Cream100%/Cheese and €2/Mt for all other products for both sides of a trade

*The free Trial month is subject to a credit check carried out by a triple-A credit insurance company in order to obtain insight into the creditworthiness of the candidate Member. A minimum of €50.000 credit limit is required.

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